What did you give up to achieve your success?

There is always a price.

If she was a song he could have loved her.

I don’t care about money.

I don’t care about fame.

I just want to play music

until nothing else remains.

It was for the briefest moments of immediacy that they all lived. He tried to extend them to hours at a time.

Don’t let the song define you. Set the music free.

Live in the vibration.

As long as he was in the music, life and time and all the things that sought to destroy what he was were suspended and he became ageless and transcendent.

He found his deepest heart in the music.

Decide what you must. Become what you will.

Gig tonight.

Fable Grazer at Cheap Seats.

Along with other fine and curious acts.

Cambridge YMCA Theater.

We will play whatever comes to mind.

Ten minutes of mayhem

or ten minutes of profound sound.

The revelation will only

come to those who are there.

Epiphanies assured.

As long as I’ve lived there are still too many things I don’t understand except that it is a process.

We let fools write history and wonder why we never learn.

History is incomplete.

It is written in dust.

The winds blow the dust

to the far corners of its whimsy

Even the stones submit

with time

or drop beneath the waters

or submit to the flames

for in the heart of it it all

burn the flames.

We have lost

the tiles in the mosaic,

the faded tessellations

of our desire.

We no longer read the names.

In memoriam

in obscurity.

I have watched time

write messages

in cloud and in smoke

but those who should notice

look the other way.

In all things lie

the clues we should read

if we were not blind

but we are not seers

of omens.

This is why

we will die.

We can hold a brain in our hands but can we hold a mind or does it slip through the fingers like so much water? Drink quickly or your palms will be dry.

We perceive straight lines with round eyes.